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Professional drummer and teacher from Aalborg, Denmark

” He has a multi-style approach. What ever situation he is in, whether he is playing in large rock hall, or a jazz club, Jakob will sound “right at home” ”

Emre Kartrai

Drummer, Ankara state Conservatory

” Jakob Lundbye is a world class drummer!! ” Jesper Sidelmann

Producer, Lifted House

Drum Limousine Artist since 2015

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Jakob Lundbye. Born in Aalborg, Denmark.


Jakob Lundbye has been working professionally with a lot of different bands and artists playing original and cover music, e.g.. Gregers (DK/NO), Soulkompagniet (DK) and Lasse Sandkamm (DK).

Jakob appears on several albums with different artist.

He has been backing artists such as Mud Morganfield (USA), Jesper Thilo (DK), Hugo Rasmussen (DK), Nanna Lüders (DK) and Mads Vinding (DK). He acted as drummer alongside world famous dancers fx. Mori Koichiro (JP) and Anthony D. Armstrong aka. Slim Boogie (USA)

Jakob has been working together with Lifted House, Sound Seduction and Sidelmann Productions as a session musician and as live backing.

He worked together with some of the biggest names in Denmark in the blues genre fx. Uffe Steen, Mike AndersenNisse Thorbjørn and Thorbjørn Risager, at the live venue Café Frederiksberg.


Started playing music as an 8 year old kid with his father Søren Lundbye, a great jazz pianist

In 2011 he attended the three year preschool for the Royal Academy of Music.

After only one year, in 2012,  he was accepted at the Royal Academy of Music.

He received a scholarship in 2014 to study abroad in Turkey with some of the best musicians and producers in the country – Emre Kartari and Genco Ari.

Endorsed by Drum Limousine since 2015. Endorsed by Avantgarde Cymbals since 2016.


Drum Limousine – Superior Custom Drums



Steel 14″ x 6,5″


10″ x 7,5″, 12″ x 8″, 13″ x 9″, 14″ x  14″, 16″ x 16″

Bass drums:

20″ x 16″, 22″ x 16″

Avantgarde Cymbals:


  • 10″ Precision Deep Hammered EFX Splash
  • 10″ Frills Splash
  • 14″ Cope Hihat
  • 15″ Frills Hihat
  • 18″ Precision EFX Crash
  • 18″ Precision Deep Hammered EFX China
  • 18″ Frills Crash
  • 19″ Feinschmecker Crash
  • 22″ Frills Ride


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